Bag in Box for Industrial Fillers
Bag in Box for Industrial Fillers
Bag in Box for Industrial Fillers
Bag in Box for Industrial Fillers

From Sonoma Valley to Temecula, we have the best custom packaging for Janitorial/Sanitizer applications!

Mission Packaging Inc. is committed to providing the best possible Bag in Box option for all your industrial fillers! We provide all of our clients with the best and highest quality packaging material possible. Our premium boxes are specially designed to hold fluids like hand sanitzer, detergents, cleaners, and other industry liquids. Similar to our coffee and wine boxes, the industry filler boxes are modifiable, Eco-friendly, and simple to stack and deliver.

Because of its shape, Bag in Box will instantly make transporting your liquids easier. Our industrial filler boxes will help your company move and store more product by using less space, saving you money, time, and effort! Our economical boxes reduce waste for shipping by the cubic volume, making them Eco-friendly.

Bag in Box is perfect for the consumer and for commercial/industrial clients. Get in touch with us today so that we can start on fulfilling your packaging needs – we promise you wont be disappointed!

Quantity: Minimums and Efficiency

  • Volume: 1.5L / 3L / 5L / 10L / 18 L / 3Gal / 5Gal
  • Printing: 4 Color Process Offset or Direct Flexo
  • Shipping: Master Cases / Trays / Shrink Wrapping
  • Fulfillment: Locations / Specifications
  • Lead Time: Rush Orders / Just in Time Warehousing

Bag in Box
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Custom Bag
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Our service for you

Give us a call and let us fulfill your needs!
  • Provide the matching / custom bags for the boxes
  • Filling your wine, coffee or liquid of choice
  • Custom Design Packaging - shapes and sizes
  • We take care of everything - Design, Manufacturing, Filling

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