3 Liter Kraft 3 Liter Kraft (Rectangle or Square)  $63.75 each case of 25 Shipping Included (Continental  U.S.)
3 Liter White 3 Liter #3 White (Rectangle or Square) $63.75 each case of 25 Shipping Included (Continental  U.S.)
5 Liter White 5 Liter - #3 White (Square - Center Spout)  $79.95 each case of 25 Shipping Included (Continental  U.S.)
10 Liter Kraft 10 Liter Kraft (Square - Center Spout) $83.75 each case of 25 Shipping Included (Continental  U.S.)
18 Liter Kraft 18 Liter Kraft (Square - Center Spout) $95.75 each case of 15 Shipping Included (Continental  U.S.)
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A Napa Valley and Santa Barbara company that provides your company with the best quality packaging material!

Everyone behind Mission Packaging Inc. puts your best interests and needs first. We want to take care of your winery and distillery's beverage packaging needs! We believe a wine or coffee box is the perfect solution to keep your product fresh.

Using a Bag in Box stops air from reaching the wine, coffee or packaged beverage. This means your liquid goods will be kept from oxidizing. Beverages that are not oxidized are naturally fresher. Added freshness will only enhance the flavor of your drinks!

Contact us today so that we can start fulfilling all of your packaging needs – we promise you wont be disappointed!

Quantity: Minimums and Efficiency
Volume: 1.5L / 3L / 5L / 10L / 18 L / 3Gal / 5Gal
Shipping: Master Cases / Trays / Shrink Wrapping
Fulfillment: Locations / Specifications
Lead Time: Rush Orders / Just in Time Warehousing

Benefits of a stock Bag in Box:

  • Test and develop your bag in box packaging solution with our stock boxes
  • Freedom and flexibility to try out different sizes for your market
  • Choose from a variety of standard boxes and specialty sizes and shapes to match your needs and desires

Bag in Box
for Wineries

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Stock bag
in Box

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For Janitorial &

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Custom Bag
in box

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Our service for you

Give us a call and let us fulfill your needs!
  • Provide the matching / custom bags for the boxes
  • Filling your wine, coffee or liquid of choice
  • Custom Design Packaging - shapes and sizes
  • We take care of everything - Design, Manufacturing, Filling

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